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Millbrook Elegance Deluxe 1700 Mattress

The Millbrook Elegance Deluxe 1700 Mattress features a 1700 individual pocket spring system that offers superior support to the body and spine, along with a sumptuous comfort for the perfect night’s sleep.


The Elegance Deluxe 1700 is an exquisite mattress combining the ultimate luxury natural fabrics and fillings such as layers of cotton, lambs wool and silk. Millbrook are a british company that use the highest quality upholstery with master craftsmanship to create a bed that should be treasured as an investment.

Millbrook’s spring system is very unique, they use a zonal support, dual layered spring systems and an advantage they have over others is using two rows of springs on the edge to increase edge to edge support. Many traditional mattresses have an individual hand side stitched edge, which does increase durability but having a further support through the spring system ensures you are supported when getting in and out of bed and able to utilise the full sleeping width.

The Elegance Deluxe is finished with a belgian silk damask, the finest damask that compliments a luxury comfort.

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  • 1700 Individual Pocket Springs

  • Mattress Depth: 28cm

  • Filling: Lambs Wool & Cotton

  • Tension: Luxuriously Sumptuous

  • Edges: Two Rows Individual Hand Side Stitching

  • Cover: Belgian Silk Damask

  • Reversible

  • This item has been made in UK with the finest materials, conforming to the British standards.